Banksy is believed to have created a mural at the Marble Arch in London.

The piece appears in the middle of the Extinction Rebellion protests.

The Extinction Rebellion is an international, non-violent rebellion against the world’s governments. Protesters are highlighting criminal inaction on the ecological crisis.

Extinction Rebellion, Marble Arch, London 2019. Photo Credit GraffitiStreet

Extinction Rebellion, Marble Arch, London 2019. Photo Credit GraffitiStreet

These protests are happening all over the world.

Protests in London began on April 15, 2019. They took place in Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square.

The group wants to rally support around the world for a common sense of urgency to tackle climate change.

Their demands include that “governments tell the truth about the ecological crisis,” “zero emissions & drawdown by 2025” and “participatory democracy.”

Banksy has yet again voiced his support in a highly political situation.

The mural appeared overnight. It features a small child holding a placard with the Rebellion emblem on it. She dug a mound of earth with a green shoot sprouting out of it. The sprout represents new life beginning to grow.

The image of the child is accompanied by the words “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin.”

Banksy Mural, Extinction Rebellion protests, Marble Arch, London 2019. Photo Credit GraffitiStreet

This is the same young girl that appears in a Banksy mural in the lobby of “The Walled Off Hotel” in Palestine. The striking piece features an image of a young girl playing with a wooden toy with holes of different shapes.

On the ground near the toy are colorful blocks in the shapes of their corresponding holes. On closer inspection, some of block shapes are significant: the blue block is a Star of David and the yellow block is the symbol of the cross.

In her tiny hand, the girl clasps a pink mallet and looks through a heart-shaped hole in the replica barrier wall. Of note, only the blocks and the mallet are in color, where the rest of the piece is a washed out black and white.

Banksy’s work, especially in The Walled Off Hotel, has been referred to by some as “creative activism.”

Banksy has not confirmed that the mural is his, but it certainly contains all the hallmarks of his art.