,Notorious street artist and political commentator Banksy has struck again.

Banksy is offering an anti-Brexit message at this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

He entered his newest installation, “Keep Ou” in the London art show.

The piece includes a customs arch for EU arrivals over a shuttered gate. On the gate are the words “Keep Ou.”

The arch is said to be “salvaged from Heathrow airport.”

A “T” is missing from the word “out,” and a rat is using it to try to break open a padlock on the gate.

This is the second time Banksy has entered art in this show.

In 2018 Banksy’s entry featured a “Vote to Leave” sign with the “ea” obstructed by a heart-shaped balloon. The resulting message was “Vote to Love.”

The anti-Brexit piece is not unusual for the street artist. Banksy often comments on politics through his artwork. For example, he created works that criticized the response to the 2015 European immigration crisis. He also created pieces commenting on climate change skeptics and the treatment of refugees.

On Instagram, Banksy said the Academy refused a previous version of the “Vote to Love” piece – submitted under his pseudonym Bryan S. Gaakman.

Banksy says a month after having his work turned down for the summer exhibition, the Royal Academy contacted him.

Banksy says he was asked to “submit something,” so he sent in the same piece, under his name.

The exhibition is the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show. The Academy holds the event every year. The show brings together art in all mediums, including prints, paintings, film, photography, sculpture and more.

This year’s event, the 251st summer exhibition, is curated by painter Jock McFadyen. It will feature notable artists including Polly Morgan, Charles Avery and Mat Collishaw.

The event is the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show, meaning anyone can submit a piece to be considered.

UPDATE (Aug. 30, 2019):

Banksy’s anti-Brexit art piece “Keep Ou” sold after the exhibition.