A Banksy artwork depicting a migrant child wearing a lifejacket holding a pink neon flare is now partially submerged as floodwaters ravage Venice in the worst flooding to hit the Italian city in 50 years.

Banksy posted an image of the painting on his Instagram page in May, confirming rumors the piece was his.

Photos of the artwork show over 5 feet over water washing over the painting, rising to just under the child’s shoulder.

In response to the Venice flooding, Italy declared a state of emergency as the city faced historic flooding.

The Venice flooding damage will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to repair.  The Banksy piece may become another casualty of the rising water levels.

The flooding raised major concerns about the potential cultural and architectural damage to the city.

Many people have speculated that the piece is a reference to the global refugee crisis. Some have said it is a response to “Barca Nostra,” a recovered shipwreck dedicated to migrants who died crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. Others believe the mural is a comment on tourism in Venice.

The artwork overlooks the Rio di Ca Foscari canal, a very busy spot along the Grand Canal in the heart of the city, which experienced most of the flooding.

In May, Banksy was spotted at the Venice Biennale  He had a collection of pieces that depicted a cruise ship masterpiece entitled ‘Venice in Oil.’

Some people have said that Banksy predicted this would happen.

How do you think the floodwaters will conceptually change the piece?