BETHLEHEM – Banksy and Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle recently directed an alternative nativity play, “Alternatively” at the artist’s Walled Off Hotel.

Boyle was invited to “the least Christmassy place on earth,” a the hotel, which sits in the shadow of the separation barrier. In keeping with Banksy’s desire to remain anonymous, the artist requested Boyle take on the project. Without having met Banksy, Boyle agreed. Boyle directed “Trainspotting” and “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Local children performed in the play in the parking lot of the Walled Off Hotel. The hotel is situated just around the corner from Manger Square, believed by some to be Christ’s birthplace.

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The Alternativity Sunday 17th December 9pm BBC Two

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BBC 2 filmed the play as part of a documentary. Part 1 followed Boyle working with the cast and crew to bring the play to life within six weeks. Boyle worked with hotel manager Wisam Salsaa and local director Riham Issac to select the cast.

Part 2 of the documentary featured the 30 minute performance of the “Alternativity.”

During the filming of the documentary, Banksy painted two murals. “Peace on Earth” was painted in front of the Chapel of the Milk Grotto and includes “*terms and conditions apply.”

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Bethlehem 2017. #peaceonearth

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Banksy’s second piece depicts two angles working to open the separation barrier with a crowbar.

The play included snow and a donkey, both of which were quite difficult to secure.