Both Sotheby‘s and Christie‘s will be hosting online auctions for Banksy artwork in September.

The anonymous street artist has seen an uptick in interest in his work recently. The heightened interest comes after his self-shredding artwork at a Sotheby’s auction went viral and boosted sales.

After Balloon Girl shredded itself and became Love is in the Bin, Banksy’s artwork started selling quickly.

Banksy’s pieces began selling for much more than previously estimated. In December, Happy Choppers, estimated at £20,000 sold for £30,000. This sale helped him secure his highest ever yearly auction total: $15,410,448.

Three quarters of the way through a relatively quiet 2019, Sotheby’s and Christie’s are sure to change that.

At Sotheby’s estimates a print of Girl With Balloon at up to £80,000. Welcome to Hell is up to £22,000, Laugh Now up to £28,000 and Donuts Strawberry up to £20,000.

Christie’s auction is titled “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit.”

A rare print of Girl with Balloon with a gold balloon will also be up for auction.

“Editions of this iconic artwork are the most desirable Banksy pieces at auction,” says Christie’s Prints and Multiples specialist James Baskerville in a preview article.

“We are thrilled to have an artist’s proof with a gold balloon leading our Banksy online auction this September,” he says.

For anyone looking to purchase a piece, a Pest Control certificate is essential. Pest Control is Banksy’s handling service and is the only proof of authenticity.

Banksy set up Pest Control in 2008 to prevent fakes from circulating on the market. Anything sold after 2009 has a Pest Control certificate. This is the only way you can buy new works by the mysterious artist. Anyone who is unsure if their Pest Control certificate is real can take it to an expert for authentication.

Banksy’s popularity has inspired copycats worldwide. At some points, even his authentic work has been mistaken for amateur enthusiasts’. But, his recent shredded and Dismaland work shows he is still relevant.

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The Banksy auctions are a chance for admirers to own a piece of the myth of Banksy. Specialists at both auction houses remind potential buyers to treat their purchases as they would any other piece of art. Keep it away from direct sunlight and changing humidity. Artwork on paper should be framed in UV-proof glass. As a reminder, keep your Pest Control certificate in a safe place in case you decide to sell your Banksy piece in the future.

The Sotheby’s auction will start Sept. 6 and run for two weeks. Christie’s auction will begin Sept. 11 and end Sept. 24.