PORT TALBOT, WALES – A new mural commenting on Port Talbot’s steel industry mysteriously appeared yesterday on the side of a domestic garage in between the blast furnace of the steel works and the M4.

The piece, which Banksy confirmed is his, comes on the heels of a new reporter from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that cites Port Talbot as the most polluted areas in the UK.

The mural spans two sides of the garage wall around a corner. On one side is a graffitied dumpster that is on fire, spewing ash into the area. Around the corner, the other side of the mural features a young boy in a hat and gloves and a sled at his feet, sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes as they fall from the sky. The observer notes that the innocent child is in fact not catching snowflakes on his tongue, but instead ingesting the ash from the dumpster fire.

Last July, black dust from the steel works furnace blanketed houses, cars and pets in Port Talbot and unsafe levels of air pollution in the town are nearly double the WHO recommended limit. The steelworks, one of the biggest in the world, employs 10 percent of the town’s population.

The timing of the mural coincided with the lowering of the Severn Bridge tolls, which means more traffic will go through the already suffering town, causing concern for residents.

Banksy confirmed the mural was his with an Instagram video that featured the Christmas song Little Snowflake.

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