Banksy is opening a new shop. In true Banksy fashion, however, this shop has a twist.

The new shop will be called “Gross Domestic Product.” According to the artist’s announcement, it sells a variety of things:

The Instagram post reads: “I’m opening a shop. It’s called Gross Domestic Product™. The shop sells art, homewares and disappointment.”

When you visit the site,, you are immediately with a “massive disclaimer.” The disclaimer says the shop is not a “proper” shop. It is a shop that sells stuff and offers refunds, “but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory.”

All of the products available are made by a small group of people using recycled material “in a workplace culture of daytime drinking.” There is limited inventory and it will not all ship immediately. The disclaimer also says:

You are advised that GDP may prove to be a disappointing retail experience – especially if you’re successful in making a purchase.

Products include the Banksy™ Clock. This upcycled clock has a trademark Banksy rat and  from an office supplies store, this timepiece features a trademark “is suitable for home, office or Home Office.” Each clock is also “individually hand smudged.”

Next up, the Banksy™ Met ball Which calls itself a “home entertainment lighting system” made from an old Police riot helmet and approximately 650 little mirrors.

Also part of the inventory, the now-famous Banksy™ Vest. This is a so-called version of the “‘John Bull’ English gents waistcoat” which Banksy has updated for modern times. The vest has been customized with body armor Banksy says is capable of stopping bullets up to .45 caliber. It is also stab proof. It is not machine washable.

Banksy™ Vest. Photo courtesy

According to the Terms and Conditions, the site is essentially a gallery where products are sold off on a lottery system, and only one application is allowed per person. Most importantly, anyone interested in buying an item from the site needs to register by 11:59 p.m. UK time on the date stated on the registration form.

Interestingly, the registration form includes a tie-breaker question limited to 50 words. The tie-breaker “must not be discriminatory or hateful.”

Patrons can only submit one application. More details are below:

Applications will be grouped by the item selected and by time period (relating to the date and time they are received by us). One or more time periods per item will be selected at random by an independent third party and only applications received during the selected time period(s) will proceed to vetting.